Cloud Security (SECaaS)

Cloud-based network security from Cloudteria is designed to help your business monitor traffic moving in and out of your network and stop threats before they materialize. You may already use a hardware-based firewall, but with a limitless variety of threats spread across the internet today, it’s a good idea to have multiple layers of security. Security as a service offers detection and intrusion prevention through the cloud.

  • SECaaS via SIEM - Cloud SIEM centralizes the storage and interpretation of logs and allows near real-time analysis which enables Cloudteria security personnel to take defensive actions quickly. This solution collects data into a central repository for trend analysis and provides automated reporting for compliance and centralized reporting.
  • Vendor Based Security – Vendors such as Cisco, Meraki and Fortinet have developed advanced NGFW technologies to address ever evolving attack methods. The Cloudteria security solutions team can implement the most compressive security design to fit your needs from SMB to Enterprise.
  • SECaaS VA – Vulnerability assessments should be an integral part of a mature, proactive security program. Organizational changes such as the implementation of a new system or update of an existing application often introduce new vulnerabilities into organization. Periodic vulnerability testing can ensure you always have visibility into the security threats facing your organization. It is also a required component of common compliance mandates.

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